Friends of Straus Park

Friends of Straus Park, Inc. is a volunteer, community-based organization formed to help make the Park a beautiful and secure place where the residents and guests of our diversified Upper West Side community can meet, talk and play with their children, relax, read a book, or attend concerts and other cultural events.  To enhance and maintain the beauty and serenity of the Park, your contributions --monetary and otherwise--- are sorely needed.  In addition to supporting the Park financially, you could also help us make phone calls to publisize upcoming events, sit at a table to help recruit new members, post and distribute fliers, help plan events, or just keep an eye on the park as you use it.  Joe our Gardener and Eddie and Denise, our volunteers, need more hands for keeping the park clean and safe.  Please report any infringments to 311 or the local 24th precinct. 

Become a member with your tax deductible contribution or an active member by contacting us at [email protected] or sending a check to :
 Friends of Straus Park, Inc. 
P.O.Box 2021 
New York, NY. 10025
As you know, the condition of the Park and well-being of its surrounding neighborhoods are closely intertwined. When we support Straus Park, we improve our neighborhood and the city in general. All the outdoor events and concerts are free, but we pay a part-time gardener and musicians who perform there.  We also pay for, event insurance and electicity fees, along with permits, issued from the City Parks and Police Departments.  That's why your contributions to support and expand the work we do is so important.  Please become a member.  We are in need of active members, joining under our newly elected President, Virl Andrick.  If we can not expand our active membership;  concerts and other activities, will begin to dwindle. Please become a member and send in a contribution.
Supporter - ($50)                                   Patron - ($100)
Family - ($25)                                          Sponsor ($250)
Basic - ($10)                                             Benefactor ($500)            
Student/Sr. Citizen -($5)                     Park Angel ($1,000)
Make checks Payable to: Friends of Straus Park, Inc.
                                                              P.O. Box 2021
                                                    New York, NY. 1025
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